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MS Excel for Financial Modelling

Excel is a program that most of us pick up as we go along, the result being a basic level of competence that is sufficient for “getting by”. The huge potential of the program often goes largely unexploited, due to both ignorance of what can be done (and how to do it) and the seemingly endless array of menu options that confronts and daunts the innocent user who attempts to explore beyond their comfort zone. 

These courses offer practical, hands-on training on Excel’s features and functions, with a view to expanding the attendees' appreciation of what can be accomplished using this extremely powerful program.

Excel is a primary tool used in most businesses, and increasingly, employers expect more than a basic level of competence. Completion of these modules will enhance efficiency in the workplace, and employability.

          Course Structure:

           · Introduction to Excel functionality.
           · Excel features for Financial Management.
           · Introduction to Financial Modelling with Excel.

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